Valentine’s Day gifts for guys can be tough. This generation of men aren’t our Dads.  They don’t smile politely when you give them a nice button down shirt or a tie.  That said, I’ve been a married lady for a minute now and I think I’ve cracked the guy gift code.   Here are a few of my favorites:

A Crosley turntable from Red Envelope:


I would pair this with some cool vinyl, like Daft Punk on wax:


I also love prints from Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connection book:


Missed Connections 3D

I know that most guys don’t wear cufflinks on a regular basis.  But occasions arise and when they do, a lovely pair of Paul Smith cufflinks are so fun to have on hand:



I love Monocle magazine and think a subscription would make a fine gift:


Finally, I am infatuated with the movie Chico and Rita, and I think the soundtrack with a nice bottle of Caribbean rum is a great gift.  Especially if you’re relationship is new… or you want to make it feel like new: