Looking for a gift to send someone you won’t see this holiday season? Or perhaps you’re looking for something that will repeatedly remind the recipient of your love?

Monthly subscriptions boomed several years ago, and although they’re not as talked about today, there are still hundreds of incredible options at all price points and for all interests.

One of my favorites is the Izzy and Liv Brown Sugar Box. It’s $40 and you get a cute t-shirt (perfect for the gym) and other little treats. I just got my first one and it was just the pick me up I needed. It’s a great thing when the box alone makes you smile.


The quarterly spice subscription from Raw Spice Bar delivers 6 freshly ground, seasonal spices and blends to your door each month along with easy, seasonal recipes based on your tastes. Cassia Cinnamon, Greek seasoning, and Garam Masala are examples of the most recent delivery.

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Sprezza is Italian for “dapper or stylish, without seemingly trying.”

The SprezzaBox offers on-trend accessories for men and includes items like ties, socks, suspenders, and more. Each box has a retail value of about $100, but you can purchase one for $25 per month for 12 months, $26 per month for six months or $28 per month for one month.

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