This past weekend I had the good fortune of seeing Betrayal on Broadway.  I’d been excited to hear that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were teaming up to bring Harold Pinter’s classic play about marriage and fidelity to the stage.  Mike Nichols is the director and he is, well, just the tops.  But then the ticket prices went through the roof and I got intimidated.  So I decided to walk over to the box office and talk to a real life person to see what I could get.  I managed to snag two tickets for and I am so so glad that I did.  The reviews of this play have been mixed, but I loved all of it:  the writing, the staging, the acting.  But what I loved most was the long talk Mr. McGifty and I  had about the play afterwards, strolling hand in hand on Fifth Avenue, on an unseasonably warm winter day.   Thank you Harold Pinter, Mike Nichols, Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz.. and Rafe Spall?  Call me.