The day after Christmas can be such a mix of emotions. There was a point around 2 am on Christmas Eve when I felt like for all my planning, I hadn’t gotten it quite right… That somehow, I could have done it… better. And I remembered how in wabi sabi, that the art is finding beauty in the imperfect, that the present moment is the perfect moment. And most importantly, it’s good for Little McGifty’s character to remember holidays that were full of big messy imperfect tries, not holidays that are shiny and perfect with everything exactly the way she wants it. As it turns out, it was all pretty lovely. But it went by so fast, for all the weeks and months of work and planning. It was not unlike the one time we spent all day making a five layer ombre cake then we served it and poof… it was gone. (In the happy bellies of our friends and guests, but really, really gone.)



I love December 26th, Boxing Day in Britain, because if I work it right, it’s a day to reflect on the pleasures of the season, after all the hard stuff is done. Admitted Anglophile that I am, I love the idea of a Boxing Day lunch. So today, for an early dinner, I’ll be making mini beef wellingtons with a mushroom and shallot gravy, my recipe today is a variation on one by Rachel Khoo. The scene at ours isn’t quite as pristine as this Restoration Hardware ad, but this is the vibe I’m going for…