I could explain Danielle LaPorte’s brilliant invention, the Desire Map. But she does a far better job than me. So take a minute and play the video that’s above.

Let me just say this that I wholeheartedly agree that behind every goal is a feeling and the feeling may be more within reach than we think. Knowing that I want to feel warm and sunny may not make two tickets to the Cayman Islands magically appear. But I can put on a pair of socks and a sweater (I’m always, always cold,) crank up the Damian Marley and sip a cold ginger beer and bam — instant mood boost.


My job at Gifty McGifty is to make sure you know how and where to get the gifts that matter the most. So I’ll say this, if you or someone you love has felt like you’re working so hard but you’ve somehow lost your way, the Desire Map is a great gift. You can read all about the hows and whys of gifting it, here.

I will say that I think audio is the best way to experience it. Danielle’s voice is magic.