For the most part, I promise you this blog will not feature items that are ridiculously expensive. But this is an exception.

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From the moment I first saw Edie Parker’s Bespoke Clutch, I was in love. It reminded me of a photo of my grandmother from the 1960’s, when she was dressed up for a big event. Mind you, my grandmother worked as a cleaning woman for much of her life. But on this night, she was like Cinderella going to the ball.

I saved for months for my Bespoke clutch. It’s similar to the Taylor one pictured below: pale pink with silver letters. I love it. Little McGifty loves it and asks every day if she is old enough to borrow it.  (She is not.)  And hopefully, one day, her kid or god-daughter or favorite niece, will rock it too.

It’s heritage in a box. A very special gift.

An Edie Parker Bespoke Clutch