When I was a kid, all me and my brother wanted to do was to save up enough money to get our Mom that big heart-shaped box of chocolates in the drugstore window.  I’ve been thinking about that memory: of crumpled dollar bills  and shaking out change from the penny jar and how Valentine’s Day is so much more about the gesture, than the actual gift.  In that spirit, here are a few suggestions for $25 and under gifts:

For her:

I love this Marie Belle 8 piece ganache tote.  Each piece is like a little work of art:


Sometimes a girl’s not feeling super sunny on V-day.  Honor her “I eat men like you for breakfast” side with a Jessica Jones graphic novel.  (And if you haven’t watched the series on Netflix, I’m excited for you: there’s so much juicy dark and twisty episodic tv ahead for you.)

Jessica Jones



I love Anthropologie for simple, affordable jewelry. These monogram and pearl posts fit the bill perfectly:

Monogram posts


And one splurge, this amazing Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Taught Me sweatshirt from Habitually Fly:


I mean Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee are like a master class in love and marriage:

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis



For the fellas, I suggest:


Does your guy love your curves? Then maybe he needs to rock this t-shirt.  It’s an inside joke, but it is awesome.



If your love has been on the rocks lately, let him know that everything is gon’ be alright with Kendrick Lamar’s visceral album, To Pimp A Butterfly, on vinyl.

Kendrick Lamar


Not your first time at the rodeo?  Tell him you believe in second chances with this Luke Cage graphic novel:

Luke Cage

And one splurge, an exquisite bottle of St George Botanivore gin.  Because Hunter S. Thompson told me to.



Hunter S. Thompson