There are few things I love to receive as much as a beautiful cookbook. My favorite right now is Milk Bar Life.  I am just such a fan of Christina Tosi and this book makes me feel like I get to hang out with her and her very cool posse of foodie friends.  I’ve already bought three copies!


The Lucky Peach cookbook has already become my husband’s favorite.  Unlike the Momofuku cookbook, from which we famously made a 12 hour ramen broth — it was good, but damn!  The Lucky Peach recipes are all tailored for the home cook.  My husband happily Tweets photos of his Sunday creations. And the fish sauce ribs are out of this world.


I’m looking forward to diving into Laura in the Kitchen because Italian food is always such a pleasure for me, especially in the winter when I long to gather friends and family around the table.


Finally I have two cookbooks in mind as I start to think of the New Year:  one is the Clean Slate cookbook from the Martha Stewart crew and 150-calorie cocktails because a girl needs her cocktails… and the dream that they can actually not hurt her waistline.  Cheers!