Earlier this fall, I was visiting friends near New Hope, PA and I popped into Stockton Market, which was awesome.  Then my husband pointed me to a little pop-up shop for a store called Modern Love shop, which was like stepping into a little bit of heaven.  It was full of things I wanted to give and get.

The funny thing is, years ago, I wrote a Modern Love column for the New York Times, that later appeared in their collection of beloved columns.

Here are a few of the amazing gifts I found there:


I’ve been obsessed lately with wood finishes and slowly but surely turning my apartment into a Copenhagen style flat like this:

Copenhagen apartment


So I’ve got my eye on this Tivoli wireless speaker and radio:

Tivoli audio speaker and radio

I love to gift a sunny print with an inspiring message:

Happiness Will Find You


Guys can be hard to shop for, I like this Knock One Back flask:

Knock One Back Flask


A very special grown up I know is definitely getting this Secret Garden coloring book:

Secret Garden Coloring Book


How cute is this Scooter lunch box?


Scooter Lunch Box


I love a cheeseboard by Brooklyn Slate co and am happy to buy at a small business:





This houndstooth tray is handy and chic:

Houndstooth Tray


Even a hard-t0-find magazine with a vibrant cover can make a great gift:

Oh Comely magazine