I remember the first time I heard a Prince song.  It wasn’t on the radio or on a record, it was at a block party and a band in my neighborhood had dressed up like the Revolution and were tearing through a set of Prince covers.  That’s how good Prince was and is.  I didn’t even have to hear him sing the songs to be utterly transfixed.  Today, I heard the second single from Adele’s upcoming album, 25.  I was tooling around online and bam, there it was, a Vevo video, posted today.  It’s almost the holiday season and already the conversations have started about how not to spoil kids who have too much stuff and how really we all have too much stuff.  As someone who is already knee deep in my holiday preparations, I have been trying to create and treasure the moments when I feel still, not rushed, perfectly content and transfixed.  Listening and watching Adele sing this song was one of those moments for me today.  Let me know if it does the same for you.