When I was growing up, Christmases were modest. But I still remember the year that there was a globe underneath the tree. Right away, I found Panama — the country where my family was from and where I was born. Then we looked for England where my brother was born (and where he might have held dual citizenship, except for the fact that he could care less.) Then it was off to explore, with a spin of our fingers, the rest of the world. I still believe in the power of globes to spark the imagination and these days I like Globee city globes the best. They even come as night lights!

I've Got the World on a String

London Globee Night Light


Milan Globee


Hong Kong Globee


Las Vegas Globee

True story.  I ordered a Globee for my husband’s birthday last year and as it was shipping from the UK, it didn’t arrive in time. I sent an annoyed (and I’m sure annoying) email and the good people at Globee were so so nice about it. Basically, they said, “Of course, your husband’s birthday is a big deal. Here’s what we can do. Hope he has a great day and a wonderful year.”

They were so so nice, when they would have been perfectly within their rights to say, “Look Crazy Gifty Lady, we don’t control the laws of time, space or the international postage system.  Suck it up.”

If you are like me, and tend to get a little freaked out about perfect present timing, please note that there are Los Angeles Globees on sale now on Amazon.  Both are being sold and shipped from Amazon, which is important.  When it comes to gift giving and quality control, I try to avoid third party sellers whenever I can.