The brand crush I have on Land of Nod is no secret.  So I was happy to create a Pinterest board inspired by some of their greatest gifts.  Here are 10 of my faves for kids age 10 and under.


1. Little McGifty was very taken with this labryinth game. She says, “It’s for kids who like solving mazes.”




2. As a girl who played hundreds, maybe thousands, of games of Hop Scotch, I would’ve loved a rug like this. My daughter has one of these and it’s also great as a yoga mat.



3 and 4  This book, Kiki and Coco in Paris and this handmade doll  by the oh-so-talented Jess Brown (who plays a starring role in the book.)  So magical, so French, so fun.



5. A Storybook Double Sleeping Bag.  Let’s Go Adventuring?  Yes, please, thank you.



6 and 7 Playtents!  The Jetaire mimics the coolest camper you still wish you had.  The ice-cream truck play tent will keep summer dreams warm all winter long.




8. This electric guitar rocks.




9. This planetarium canopy is out of this world!



10. Little McGifty hasn’t been to London but she says this London calling telephone booth is awesome:



Did you notice something about all of these toys?  No screens! No batteries required!