I’ve been a Mom for seven years now and I have to say that I appreciate Mother’s Day even more now than ever.  I’ll try to avoid my own suburban drama and gossip, but I’ll say this, which is neither new or original, being a Mom can be a thankless job and… um, we Moms can be hard on each other.

So, to start, here are few gifts that I think are totally worthy of the book-loving Mom in your life:

All of this gorgeous swag is from Out of Print  including the library totes on the homepage of this post.  I love these so much.  Each item bought sends a book to Africa, but even beyond the Kumbaya moment,the t-shirts are so cute and they celebrate the magic and wonder of reading.  Here are a few fab examples.


Little Women!  How much did I love this book?  How much would I love this tee?

Little Women tee


Song of Solomon.  Another big love.  “If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”


Song of Solomon


And the nerd in me, loves the library stamp tee:

Library Stamp Tee


Oh, how I love this Alice down the rabbit hole necklace from Alice in Wonderland:

Alice necklace

And yeah, how about these fab coasters: