Tomorrow, or today if you’re not a late night blog reader, is Small Business Saturday, so I wanted to highlight three small businesses that I really adore.


Little Yoga Mat is a great company and not just because they feature Little McGifty on the home page. Yoga has been an intrinsic part of my parenting. Not in a “I’m a big yoga babe with a fab practice” way. More in the “Before you throw a tantrum, give me 10 breaths in tree pose” way. I think that yoga helps kids, who barely know what’s happening in their heads and their bodies and their hearts half the time, the space to self-soothe and sort themselves out. I give this yoga mat to every little pup I know.



Keep Calm & Shop Small Businesses



Janet Hill Talbert makes beautiful, inspiring jewelry under the mantle of her company, On This Rock. She also makes custom pieces. She made me a cuff, similar to the 23rd Psalm cuff, with a great Maya Angelou quote.  


Janet’s 153 necklace is my absolute favorite. I especially like the gold pendant on the silver chain.  I wear it, nonstop, for weeks on end as a reminder to myself to go ahead and dream big and as in the miraculous Biblical story that inspired it, to lower my nets. 







A few years ago, my lovely friend Liba was making a movie in Pittsburgh and we went to visit her. She took us to Picket Fence in Shady Side and I spent a seriously shady amount of money at their lovely boutique. I love being on their mailing list and I think what I love best is that it’s a place where I can treat myself and treat my kid at the same time.

I’m eyeing this, for Little McGifty:



& these lovely items for myself:

PicketFencedress NestCandle


What’s your favorite small business? Let me know and I’ll shout them out.