The other day a friend sent me a “just because” gift. Something she knew I would love. Something she found, but didn’t buy. And from the moment I opened the package, it was like the entire room was filled with sunshine.


Whenever I’ve had a deep, unshakeable, instinct to send someone a “just because” gift, it’s had a similar impact. It turns out that the person really needed it: either symbolically or practically.

This is perhaps a more spiritual post than you might expect in a blog about gifts, but I have to be honest — I think gift giving at its best, is a deeply spiritual act. I think that we are all put here to help each other’s dreams come true and that the perfect gift resonates not because it’s expensive, or over the top fabulous, but because in some small way, the truly perfect gift answers a wish or a prayer.

Thank you to my friend who sent me that just because gift.  It touched me so, but you knew that it would.

P.S. The Japanese style knot bag featured on the home page is by Etsy artist, Astrid Weigel and can be found here: