Something Wicked This Way Comes

If you run into Deborah Lippman at a party, can you tell her to hire me? I want to name polishes and pick colors and come up with cool little concepts like this Wicked 10th anniversary gift set.

I was so charmed by Deborah’s notes on how she came up with this collection that I thought I’d share them here:

As a long-time fan of the Broadway musical WICKED, I never imagined I’d one day create a collection based on the magic of Oz. As someone who first came to New York to pursue my dreams in music, this is absolutely “thrillifying” to bring my two worlds of music and fashion together.

This trio of shades is as wickedly mesmerizing as the characters who inspired them. Popular, inspired by Glinda, is a glistening pink shimmer that was color-matched to the iconic pink dress worn by the character during the “Popular” number. Defying Gravity, inspired by Elphaba, in a green crème signifies the extension of Elphaba’s skin color. One Short Day, an emerald glitter, is inspired by The Emerald City, where Elphaba and Glinda journey together. Each is named after an original song from the show and captures WICKED’s wit and Ozmopolitan charm.

Best witches, Deborah