The Jo Malone Christmas Cracker

For me, gift giving begins and ends with Jo Malone.  I was 20 and interning at MTV London when I first discovered Jo Malone, who was then still a supermodel facialist who had begun crafting exquisite bath oils as gifts.  To me, the creamy yellow and black box reminded me of the cream townhouses and black doors in the neighborhood where I first lived.  Of course, the inside of a Jo Malone gift box never disappoints. But the packaging is so lovely that sometimes I just sit a gift on my desk and watch it for days before I dive into what’s inside.  That, in my humble opinion, is a damn good gift.

Update!  The Jo Malone Christmas cracker is sold out.  Good thing I got to send one before it was all gone.  Lots more Jo Malone fabulousness here:http://www.jomalone.com/